“I have found The Exchange to be a user-friendly, crystal clear, powerful explanation of the gospel with excellent helps for the teacher. It is easily taught to layman who can then use it to witness to others. While helping to plant a California church recently, I was thrilled to lead a lady to Christ after teaching her lesson number 1! She is now a baptized member of that new church. As a pastor, church planter, and evangelist for 37 years, I have used a number of fine soul-winning courses, including one that I wrote myself, but I can say without reservation that if I were a pastor again, The Exchange is the method I would use.”

Dave BarbaFounder of Press On! MinistriesWebsite

“The Exchange has transformed the outreach ministries of Calvary Baptist Church! This soul-winning and discipleship program helps believers to be Biblical, personable, and practical as they build “redemptive relationships” with those who need the Lord. Drawing on his years of personal experience as a pastor, Jeff Musgrave uses carefully written materials, accounts of his own soul-winning conversations and dynamic illustrations to make these training sessions come alive! We were so grateful for the way that the Musgraves developed role-playing sessions that appealed to new believers as well as mature disciples. The Exchange helped all of us take the next step to fruitful maturity. We thank the Lord for the Musgraves and we are excited to proclaim The Gospel message of Christ’s Exchange to a lost and dying world.”

Gordon DicksonPastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Finlay, OHWebsite

“Jeff Musgrave and I have been close personal friends for over 30 years. I have always admired his zeal for the Gospel. Recently, while having lunch at Cracker Barrel with the Musgraves, Jeff was explaining The Exchange to me. The clarity of the presentation and the enthusiasm of the Musgraves quickly convinced me that this was something every bible-believing pastor needed to hear. Before the presentation was over, two couples unexpectedly approached our table. As a perfect illustration of the effectiveness of The Exchange, the Musgraves introduced one of the joyful couples as having recently been saved and baptized as a result of this approach. Then, to punctuate the point even further, that couple explained how they had used this simple approach to lead the other couple to Christ just a couple of weeks later. The excitement of these new converts, already winning others to Christ, was refreshing. What pastor wouldn’t want to see this same thing happening in his own ministry? The Exchange is the best tool for personal evangelism I’ve seen. Pastors, you owe it to yourself and your church to check this out.”

John VaughnJohn Vaughn Evangelistic AssociationWebsite

“Ten years ago Jeff Musgrave and a team of soul winning trainers came to our church in Singapore and the ministry was forever changed. We were taught how to clearly present the gospel but more importantly that available to us is the power of the Holy Spirit to enable us to witness effectively and to lead us to the ready harvest field. In the next few years our church grew from a Sunday attendance of 200 to our present attendance of over 2000 in Sunday services. Recently, Jeff has completed work on ‘The Exchange’—printed resources to go along with the training the LORD has called him to do! Of course I invited him to come and train our ministries in the Philippines! Our teams were taught how to clearly present the gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit. This equipping makes our teams more effective as they present the gospel to hundreds of people on University campuses throughout the Philippines weekly. I highly recommend ‘The Exchange’.”

Mike RedickExecutive Director of Nosnuma GroupWebsite

“Jeff Musgrave’s pastoral heart and love for people makes him a great person to teach relational evangelism. He doesn’t just teach this, he is passionate about it and puts what he teaches into practice. Jeff left Highlands Baptist Church relationally warm and with a deep sense of family. I continue to hear about the fruit of the Exchange. It is not just another evangelism “program,” but a systematic approach to presenting the Gospel clearly and illustratively. If you want to learn how to have a culture of evangelism and discipleship through developing redemptive relationships Jeff will be a great teacher. I highly recommend this for your church and I believe it is essential for your missionaries.”

Steve HaflerPastor of Highlands Baptist ChurchWebsite

“Jeff Musgrave has been a faithful soul-winner during all his years of ministry. In a day when churches are experiencing a dreadful draught in personal soul-winning, he has launched this new ministry, greatly expanding his soul-winning burden by training believers in local churches to effectively win souls for Christ. I cannot imagine a more needed emphasis in our Bible preaching churches today. It could be the ministry God uses to develop an effective personal evangelistic program in your church.”

Ed NelsonEvangelist and Church Planter