Gloria Curtis started this amazing ball rolling when she gave her friend, Kim Curtis, some sturdy drapery scraps several years ago. This past October Kim put these scraps to good use making fabric pumpkins for her family. Realizing that she had plenty of remaining fabric, she felt prompted to make fabric pumpkins for the staff […]


We are thrilled with Pastor Dennis Tapp’s dwindling Find Five list! At Exchange seminars we challenge believers to identify 5 people in their sphere of influence who need the gospel, pray for those people, and ask God to open doors. Only two weeks after we left First Baptist in Woodville, Wisconsin, God used Dennis to […]


Often, due to our busy American lifestyle, we feel evangelism efforts compete with time with our families. We love the example set by the Lobley family in Windham, New Hampshire. They make evangelism a family affair. It’s “who they are!” This latest story comes from the Lobley family, trained in 2013 at Heritage Baptist Church in […]

From 2.5 to 100%!

It was with a little fear and trepidation that Beverly agreed to lead a Starting Point class at her church. Kirstin, a 47 year-old woman who had learned about Beverly’s church through a friend’s Facebook posts, joined the class. Beverly left every week “flying higher than a kite.” She knew God was at work in […]

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How exciting to receive this simple text from Brad Stille in Wixom, Michigan. The text says it all – a new soul entered the Kingdom. One of these days hopefully we’ll share the back story! I’m sure it’s exciting! Please take this as a simple reminder to reach out to a coworker, neighbor or friend. […]

A Gospel Opportunity in a Nursing Home

We received an exciting, short email from Pastor Jim Bickel in Brooklyn, NY.  “Just led a 78-year old MD to the Lord by using The Exchange.” A member of Pastor Jim’s church had been seeing this family doctor for 30 years. He retired and now lives in a local nursing facility where Pastor Bickel began […]