Below you will find all of the downloadable teaching resources needed in order to host an Exchange Seminar in your own local church. Materials may be downloaded and copied as needed, but should only be used in conjunction with an official Exchange Ministries seminar or class held by your local church.

buy Seroquel cheap without prescription Please visit our connect STORE for Exchange Seminar Bible Study books, tracts, and other resources. If you or someone you know are interested in hosting a seminar at your church please contact us and we’ll be happy to share more information with you.

Teacher’s Manual

Giving the Exchange Teacher's ManualThe following files are included in this teacher’s manual packet.

  • Instructor’s Overview
  • Instructor’s Pre-Class Meeting
  • Instructor’s Lessons 1-13

Click here or on the image to download all of these files in a zip format.

Tests and Quizzes

Quiz One Quiz Two Quiz Three Lesson Four Quiz Quiz Four Lesson Five Quiz Quiz Five
Lesson Six Quiz Quiz Six Lesson Seven Quiz Quiz Seven Lesson Eight Quiz Quiz Eight Lesson Nine Quiz Quiz Nine Lesson Ten Quiz Quiz Ten
Lesson Eleven Quiz Quiz Eleven Final Exam Exam Answer Key Exam Key Verses Test Verses Test Verses Key Verses Key