“Can’t wait to get this started!” These words began the message Tara Mosier sent to share a wonderful gospel idea. Tara and Joel are moving. This is good news/bad news – Good because they have a new home, but Bad because they’re leaving behind wonderful neighbors, some who need the Lord. So, Tara invited her neighbors to study the Bible over 4 weeks, using The Exchange Bible study. Notice from the picture that Tara has made this event special through a beautiful invitation and the promise of yummy food and fellowship. Now I can’t wait to hear Tara’s new stories of more souls reached through the gospel!

Summer is a great time to study the Bible with neighbors. Ask God for ideas, ways to reach your neighbors. Then, get ready to follow through with the ideas God sends your way.


Focus on the Gospel

What happens when believers live with a Gospel focus? This testimony from one of our seminar participants answers that question!

During the Exchange training “God helped me come to know him better. When you are asked to memorize characteristics of who God is, are quizzed on them, and need to explain them multiple times to yourself and others, well, it’s very hard to hold them at a distance. I previously clearly understood that God is holy and just, but have had a harder time accepting that he is loving and gracious. Since the seminar now when I start to doubt God’s character, the memory work comes back to mind and asks me what choice I’m going to make – do I reject the doubt, or do I reject what I have memorized and affirm as truth? I went into the week anxious about the time commitment and the topic, and somehow came out of it rested and at peace physically, emotionally, and spiritually – I think because of the emphasis on who God is and the opportunity to bask in that.”


A church in Pennsylvania where we recently held an Exchange Seminar is doing The Exchange four-lesson Bible study for unbelievers on Wednesday evenings. A young woman from India has been participating, and last night she realized for the first time that Jesus died for her personally. She is on the verge of salvation. Please pray for her. (God knows her name!) Remember, the Gospel is for all, and there is no religious background that the Gospel can’t penetrate.


MichelleMichelle was running errands. Such an every day task! Only after The Exchange Seminar at Thompson Road Baptist Church last week her eyes were opened to Divine Appointments all around her. She passed an elderly woman walking on the side of the road. Michelle writes, “I had a nudging that I really needed to see if I could help her out.” So she turned her car around, offered help and discovered this woman needed gas. They drove to where her car was stranded and while waiting for help to arrive, Michelle turned the conversation to spiritual things, “Isn’t it wonderful to know that you can have a relationship with Jesus to help us out every day.” The simple answer left Michelle realizing there might be an opening to give the Gospel. Once the car was filled with gas, Michelle followed her home and then checked on her the next morning, taking by some food. They set a lunch date for this week and Michelle is planning to do The Exchange Bible Study with her. Please join us in praying for Michelle’s new friend. AND, listen for the gentle nudge from the Savior. Who knows? Maybe one of you reading this will become aware of Divine Appointments in your every day life!


Paul’s admonition comes to mind today, “Let us not grow weary in doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” Those of you have trained in The Exchange and made the commitment to “direct every conversation to the Theme of Themes, learn of that soul’s need, and if possible, meet it,” don’t grow weary. If you’ve failed, don’t give up. We received a letter from John at Grace Baptist in Anderson, IN. We trust his message speaks to your heart as it did ours. “Never give up!”
“I have asked numerous people since you trained us in November, but everyone until three weeks ago has said “no”.  Finally, a man with whom I have been interacting for about a year said “yes”, and he and I will be finishing lesson 3 tomorrow.  It is very exciting.  Also, we recommended it to our daughter Laura, and she will be leading a group of women through the 4-week study at the women’s prison in Greenville, SC.  In addition, another man from our church and I meet regularly for accountability and discipleship, and I suggested that he invite a contact from his work to go through the 4-week study.  He plans to do this soon.  The lesson in all this is to never give up and keep inviting people.”


It was 10:00 am and I hurriedly ran down to the hotel exercise facility to get my daily exercise in before our afternoon tour of Boston. My face fell as I opened the door and realized that the one elliptical was occupied, leaving only a “dreadmill.” As I got on the machine, the middle-aged male occupant of the coveted elliptical began talking to me. Of all people, I know this may be a divine appointment. After all, I’m in evangelism training every week! Sure enough it was. We spent the 30 minute workout talking about the Theme of Themes. I wish I had initiated that conversation but the reminder was poignant: wherever I am, no matter what’s on “my” agenda, God has a divine agenda. I left that room, covered in sweat & breathless – in part because I’m out of shape but mostly because God is so awesome. He takes my breath away! – Anna


Last week during The Exchange Seminar at Harvest Baptist Church in Castle Rock Colorado 2 of the participants stepped out in faith and shared the Gospel with coworkers. Jonathan works in Colorado Springs and Ruth in Denver. One of the people who heard the Gospel is not so sure he believes in God, the other is a Jehovah’s witness. Though neither trusted Christ, the excitement of the two believers who witnessed was contagious. We are reminded that not only does the Gospel impact the lost, it impacts us as we give it!



USA, TAIWAN & MEXICO – God’s Exchange is for the world!

We were blessed to get an email from Pastor Marquez in Glendale,AZ, reminding us that every people group needs to hear the Gospel. This is just a small sampling of how one person is experiencing giving the Gospel to his world.

A couple from Taiwan who live in Phoenix recently went through The Exchange Bible Study with Pastor Alberto Marquez. Praise the Lord, they became assured of their Salvation. Now, four lessons into the Bible Study, she is getting baptized (this Sunday)! Pastor Marquez also has plans use the Spanish version of the Bible Study with another couple who take English lessons from his wife.


While canvasing for VBS in Atchison, KS, Denita Hansen from Carol Baptist Church ran into a new family in town. The mother had recently met D______, a young man who had just complete The Exchange Bible Study. He told her about the awesome Bible study he had done, and she wants to do it with her teen daughters. Now, wouldn’t you call that a divine appointment?


BlairBlair recently completed his first Exchange Bible Study with a co-worker. Though she did not accept Christ YET, she is still desirous to continue learning. He writes, “Thanks again for the Bible study format.  I have never been more at ease when sharing the gospel!”