The Exchange is burdened for evangelism world-wide and has committed to serve on the mission field one-quarter of each year. Six weeks of every summer is spent with the Evangelism Campaign of Student Movement for Christ International. For information on joining us, see our Partners page.
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Souls Saved in the Country of Georgia

screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-2-20-27-pmExciting news from our missionaries in Georgia!
“We have been using a Georgian version of the  The Exchange at a local rehab center and have seen 8-9 come to Christ over the last year.  It’s thrilling to see them understand the gospel and then articulate it back after they come to Christ.  Most of these come out of Eastern Orthodox backgrounds – to hear them put their full faith and trust in Jesus Christ and His righteousness rather than their own self-righteousness is a real joy.  I’ve gone through the material 4 times now with different groups and am using it on Sunday nights with a group of unbelievers as we work toward our first church plant (Lord willing).”
These zealous missionaries are now working to translate The Exchange Bible Study into Arabic.

GOD SO LOVED ___ _____!

jonathan-speightsYou can easily fill in the blanks. John 3:16 is so well-known! But stop and think for a minute of the scope of God’s mission – THE WORLD. Is His vast mission ours? This photo of missionary Jonathan Speights and a photo of a young man he recently led to Christ in Brazil is so encouraging. Jonathan is sharing the Good News in his corner of the world. Jonathan was trained back in 2007 when The Exchange was called Come and See.

Greg & Linda Waller participated in our seminar in Midland, KS. They take the gospel greg-linda-wallerall over the world using medical help to open doors to give the gospel. Linda writes, “We have used The Exchange method all over the world It is a wonderful way of sharing the gospel with great results. We have over 2500 professions of faith so far this year, each with a one-on-one soul winner.”

May our vision to give the gospel be as big as our awesome God. Remember, God so loved the WORLD…!



11891105_10153604504449301_140737347671234050_n-300x300Lydia, a wonderful believer who joined our August Exchange training in New Zealand, is quite the go-getter! Even before the seminar ended she had begun the Exchange Bible study with one of her friends. We just got an exciting Facebook message from Lydia. She says it best, “I rejoice to share with you that following the four lessons of The Exchange and ladies’ retreat the next weekend, Micaela accepted Christ…. She has already shared her love for God publicly and is very keen to come to church for all the services as well as continuing on to do Living the Exchange…Thank you for obeying God’s leading to come to NZ. My walk with God has grown so much through this.”

The value of one soul simply cannot be measured – it is so great! Though we are certain to hear more stories from The Exchange New Zealand mission work, if Micaela is the only person who trusts Christ it will have been worth every ounce of effort and expense.


GasimGod gave us a wonderful week of training in Kenya, where 13 area churches were represented. Our excitement upon receiving the following email from Pastor Mike Mesler is beyond description! Pastor Mesler and Gasim Domkog are beginning a church in South Sudan where Gasim grew up. At age 28 – with an empty heart, no peace and no hope – Gasim came to the USA where a friend gave him a Bible in Arabic. For 6 months he compared the Bible and his religion. The 10 commandments arrested his attention. God’s command not to kill and to love our enemies was in stark contrast to his religion which taught that killing infidels might merit heaven.  Finally Gosam was convinced that the Bible is the Word of God and in 2005 he put his trust in Jesus Christ!

This email came today form South Sudan – “Asante sana (Thanks much) for being with us in Kenya and giving us The Exchange training. This Sat. (July 12) I will be beginning to do the training with the members of the New Testament Baptist Church here in Juba. We are also praying that we will be able to begin our own Exchange Bible study with someone here this month.” – Missionary Mike Mesler

Many friends and loved ones contributed to our mission work. The results are even now beginning to come in. Thank you!


Art Blom, 68 years of age and from Grand Junction, has been an inspiration to all of us on E-Campaign. Art is aptly named. He’s an artist. As he draws he attracts a crowd, and then He gives them the Good News. In this picture, Art is drawing a Mango tree. He hands his Bible to a young student and asks him to find and read a verse. Then Art patiently explains, all the while he is drawing. At the end, he gives a Gospel invitation and young people are saved.

What talents has God given you and how does He want to use those talents to reach those around you with the Gospel? This thought is certainly worth pondering and worth asking God for divine ideas.


Sharon was leading us to classrooms on the campus of a mountain college outside Cagayan De Oro. The Campus was large and the students were spread out. It was late in the afternoon and very few classrooms were being used. I was following the group making sure everyone was together when I casually asked a student if there were any classes being held upstairs in the building we were leaving. They said, “Maybe one.” Normally I would let our local leaders find the classes, but I felt drawn to investigate. I told Sharon where I was going and headed up the stairs. Walking down the quiet corridor I searched several empty rooms before I came upon a room with 14 students and a teacher.
A cool quiet breeze was flowing through the room as I gave the Gospel in a conversational voice. It was pleasant and the Spirit was clearly working in hearts. I cried as I invited them to trust Christ. 13 of the 14 chose to take Christ as their Lord and Savior. God is calling men and women to Himself and leads us to them. He had 13 He was drawing in that upstairs room and directed me to them. What a blessing to be used by Him.


Yesterday’s ferry ride from Jagna, Bohol to Cagayan de Oro was a stark reminder that the waters obey their Creator, & God hears the prayers of His children. Our 4 hr. ride took 6 and without exception, our entire team was seasick. As the 15 foot waves thrust at the ferry, tossing it & jolting the passengers, God’s people prayed and He delivered us. The captain of the ship was not to be found afterward. He went straight to church! Pastor Mike’s preaching that morning prepared us. What the devil doesn’t want us to know – He’s real, his power is limited and he can be rejected through the Spirit’s power, the Word of God and prayer. We must push through opposition. If we have no opposition, we are not getting Satan’s attention! You can’t preach the Gospel to over 280,000 people without being on Satan’s radar! Rather than being afraid, we were actually energized – knowing that the adversity we faced indicated GREAT things God plans to do this week. With fresh vigor, we plead for your prayers on our behalf. As I write teams are out going the Gospel. Please pray for the Spirit’s power on every individual preacher and protection from the evil one.


SURPRISE #1: Many on our team awoke at 4:00 am yesterday, drove to preach, rode the ferry to Cebu, flew to Manila & arrived at our hotel around 1:30 am exhausted. We were surprised & disappointed to realize we would have to miss morning church, get up early again and preach. We were at the end of ourselves.

SURPRISE #2: The Manila team arranged for us to preach in 11 college classrooms this morning and 13 this afternoon. When we arrived and began asking questions, the school thought it was with ROTC, and so they began to work out the details for Jeff to speak. When they realized it was room to room, they allowed us to do BOTH. While we preached in 11 classrooms, Jeff spoke to 138 ROTC, lined in a hallway. It was the first time in the 17 years the ROTC has existed at that college that anyone has ever had the privilege to preach the Gospel! Many made decisions. Anna spoke to 61 university students who sat, intently listening. One wrote: “I feel a huge sense of relief, as if a heavy burden had just been lifted off of me.” What a special surprise!

SURPRISE #3: A friend of ours, Tim Berry, was preaching at a church nearby and we thought we missed it! When we returned to our hotel at 10:00 we heard singing nearby & followed the sound to the very church where our friend was preaching. Surprise #3 – We can see the church from our hotel doorway! Our hearts were filled as he reminded us about the most important death – Christ’s, which was substitutionary, universal and emancipating!

Jeff’s friend, Tim Berry


On day two of the SMCI Evangelism Campaign I had the privilege of giving the Gospel to a class of 53 students at a National High School in Southern Leyte. I had walked with Princess, the SMCI leader of our group, as we placed the other teachers into their classrooms. When we came to my classroom there were plenty of students, but no teacher. I was concerned because I had to start my Gospel presentation without asking permission. Sure enough, just as I was getting started the teacher walked into his classroom to find a foreigner teaching his class. I quickly stopped my presentation and went to the door to introduce myself to him. With a flourish he introduced himself to me using his entire name, rolling his “r”’s and slightly bowing. His class was so surprised by the performance that they applauded him.

We got back to the presentation and he left again, only to come back with another teacher. They talked (out loud) in the back of the room for a minute and then settled down to listen. I forgot about them during the rest of the presentation and invitation, but was reminded that they had been listening when both of them walked up to me separately and handed me a decision card that they had filled out. Both professed that they had trusted Christ to save them. He added that he meant it from the bottom of his heart.


We are still riding on a cloud after a wonderful Exchange Seminar for MGMI in Phoenix, AZ. We are excited to announce that by mid June the materials will be available in Spanish. In this photograph missionary Keith Huhta and Jeff are holding the One Page outline in Spanish. Praise the Lord!

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