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How exciting to receive this simple text from Brad Stille in Wixom, Michigan. The text says it all – a new soul entered the Kingdom. One of these days hopefully we’ll share the back story! I’m sure it’s exciting! Please take this as a simple reminder to reach out to a coworker, neighbor or friend. […]

A Gospel Opportunity in a Nursing Home

We received an exciting, short email from Pastor Jim Bickel in Brooklyn, NY.  “Just led a 78-year old MD to the Lord by using The Exchange.” A member of Pastor Jim’s church had been seeing this family doctor for 30 years. He retired and now lives in a local nursing facility where Pastor Bickel began […]

“We want to know God!”

It was Easter Sunday of 2016 and Pastor Ramler was doing what all believers should do – he engaged church guests in conversation! He asked a simple question which led to an amazing relationship, “How did you find our church?” “We googled baptist churches nearby.” was Nicole’s response. In the course of this conversation Taylor […]

A Spiritual Birthday!

Birthdays! What cause for celebration! But a spiritual birthday is even greater cause for celebration – the beginning of life that never ends. On May 31 at 11:00 a.m. Len was born again and Ron Perry, all of us at The Exchange along with a myriad of angels in heaven express our joy! Is there […]