God’s plan to reach the world is spiritual multiplication – not addition. The Exchange provides three valuable resources, forming a Circle of Ministry, to help equip churches and believers to accomplish Great Commission living.

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Training & mobilizing new believers to share their faith

Phase 1 – The Exchange: An Inquirer’s Bible Study

Our American culture holds unique challenges:

  • The post-modern mindset has robbed Americans of the biblical foundation that formerly prepared a person for salvation.
  • Few accept Christ the first time they hear the gospel presented.
  • It is difficult to assimilate new believers into church.
  • Spiritual growth seldom happens without a close mentoring relationship.

The Exchange: An Inquirer’s Bible Study addresses these problems. Over a four-week period, an unbeliever is led to a thorough understanding of the great exchange Jesus made for mankind and is drawn to a decision to embrace the Gospel. The relationship that is formed while studying the most intimate relationship known to man sets the stage for further discipleship.

Phase 2 – Living the Exchange – Spirit-Empowered Living

The second phase of the circle of ministry is a 12-lesson discipleship Bible study written in the same interactive style as The Exchange. Living the Exchange deals with the dynamics of the Christian life. When our life in Christ began, He gave us much more than forgiveness of sins and the promise of eternal life with Him. He changed us on the inside! This Bible study helps believers take exciting steps of spiritual growth, drawing from the powerful resources of their new nature.

Phase 3 – Giving the Exchange – Spirit-Empowered Evangelism

The third phase of the circle of ministry is a thirteen-week course in relational evangelism and discipleship, designed the local churches. Every believer should be able to give a clear, compelling presentation of the gospel. Using the same four truths about God from The Exchange, Giving the Exchange thoroughly and systematically teaches a 20-30 minute interactive Gospel presentation. Complete with assignments, homework and quizzes, a pastor or mature layman can use this guide to effectively train believers in the local assembly.