What is evangelism? It’s not passing out a tract, giving a testimony, inviting someone to church or being a good example. Evangelism is giving the gospel!

The philosophy of the Exchange is to give the gospel in the most effective way possible – relationally. Isn’t this the pattern Jesus set for us? The church may be able to provide believers with lists of gospel contacts, but the most effective evangelism takes place when believers give the gospel to the people in their sphere of influence – their friends, relatives, work associates, neighbors, and even strangers God brings along their paths.

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  • Every believer must be prepared to give a thorough, compelling gospel presentation.
  • Evangelism and discipleship are vitally linked. The Great Commission is fulfilled only when unbelievers are saved and discipled.
  • The local church is the venue for training believers to live Great Commission, and pastors must ensure that the believers in their local assemblies are trained to reach the lost.
  • The ultimate goal in evangelism is to help assimilate those we lead to Christ into a local church where they can begin to grow and become personally involved in fulfilling the Great Commission.
  • Christians need to be equipped with the tools necessary to see their lost friends saved, whether that be a one-time presentation or an ongoing Bible study. In current American culture many are not ready to accept Christ after hearing a one-time gospel presentation. Sometimes deep thinkers, those with backgrounds in secular education and post-modern ideas, even “religious” people need time and more exposure to Scripture. Our four-lesson Bible study entitled, The Exchange: An Inquirer’s Bible Study provides a wonderful resource for this dilemma.
  • Spiritual multiplication, not addition, is the key to reaching the world with the gospel. Each Christian must be trained to give the gospel and disciple new believers to grow and to, in turn, give the gospel and disciple new believers.