The Exchange ministry was born from the heart of a pastor. Its history is intertwined with the history of Highlands Baptist Church. Having moved past the early stage of church planting it became evident that the healthiest growth of a church was by spiritual reproduction. Jeff Musgrave made it his goal to train the members of Highlands Baptist Church to be effective disciple makers. Through the process of training his own people, the Lord began to open doors to train others. Highlands began to host evangelism seminars for pastors and church leaders. The iron-sharpening-iron friendship between Jeff and evangelist Mike Redick played a huge role in the formation of this material.

In 2001 the board of Baptist World Mission asked Jeff to begin training its deputizing missionaries prior to entering their respective fields. Dr. David Cummins encouraged Jeff to write evangelism training material.

Previous to this, Jeff had written a four-lesson Bible study for unbelievers called The Inquirer’s Bible Study. Jeff began to realize that many who heard the Gospel were interested but not ready to make that decision. The postmodern mindset was growing and more and more people were robbed of the biblical foundation that formerly prepared a person for salvation. It was Jeff’s desire to have a God-centered approach to presenting the gospel. Knowing the importance of relationships, Jeff made the decision to present God as a person Who is knowable. Through four of God’s attributes – His holiness, justice, love and grace – the unbeliever is led to a thorough understanding of God’s amazing offer to exchange our sin for His righteousness.

In answer to Dr. Cummins’ request for an evangelism course, Jeff took the four-lesson Bible study and stripped it down to a one-time gospel presentation dealing with the same four attributes of God. In those early days it was called Come and See. In 2010 it was renamed Giving the Exchange and is the training manual that helps church leaders train believers in evangelism and discipleship.

Living the Exchange was first called, Learning to Live with God, and like everything else, it was written from the heart of a pastor. Jeff wanted new believers to see the treasures they inherited when they became God’s child. Living the Exchange emphasizes Spirit-empowered living and has been highly effective in helping new believers take important and sometimes difficult steps of faith through the power of God’s Spirit.

In 2009 Jeff was teaching a workshop on evangelism in Schaumburg, IL. A representative from Bob Jones Press showed interest in publishing the material. Thus began the long process of re-writing, editing, and finally publishing. This was completed in January of 2011. Today the materials are all published and distributed through The Exchange.

2009 was a year of great change. Jeff began to sense the call of God to train believers all over the world. Through his years at Highlands he was able to train on many mission accompanied by Members from Highlands who took part in the training. They ministered in Singapore, the Philippines, India, Myanmar, Peru, Brazil, and the South Pacific. The impact on the mission field and on the laymen who helped with the training was significant. God made it clear that it was time to leave twenty-six years of pastoring and begin The Exchange – a ministry of evangelism and discipleship training. Mike Redick preached a stirring message at Highlands on October 17, 2010, followed by the deacons and congregation commissioning and sending Jeff and Anna into this new ministry. In November of 2010 Jeff and Anna began this itinerant ministry – The Exchange.

Since 2010 The Exchange has had a full itinerary. Thousands have been trained in relational evangelism and a steady stream of amazing evangelism stories motivates believers all over the world. Jeff & Anna have dedicated their summer ministry to missions – both training and participating in evangelism campaigns with a partner ministry, Student Movement for Christ, International.

The mission of the Exchange – to train and mobilize God’s people in Spirit-empowered evangelism and discipleship – is being realized!