Our Purpose

forecast colchicine price The purpose of The Exchange is to train and mobilize believers all over the globe for Spirit-filled, relational evangelism and discipleship.

purchase Tinidazole Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples.
John 15:8

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What is The Exchange?

The Christian life is like a race – a relay race. Our faith was handed to us by those who ran before us. Now it’s our turn to run! The real pivotal point in the race is the exchange of the baton. The Exchange is dedicated to helping believers make that exchange. We focus on the circle of ministry taught in ll Tim. 2:2. We teach believers how to form redemptive relationships, lead their friends to Christ, disciple those new believers in Spirit-filled living and train them to give the gospel. This forms a beautiful circle of ministry that should be repeated over and over throughout the life of every believer. The end result is true gospel living.

Why the name Exchange? We focus on two exchanges. The first is the great exchange made possible through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He gave His life in exchange for ours, taking our sinful record and offering us His holy record as a perfect completion to His exchange. The second exchange is that which takes place in evangelism as a believer passes the baton of faith in a relational, gospel-centered manner. The Exchange gospel presentation and Bible study focus on Who God is and how to have a personal relationship with Him.

What is Relational Evangelism?

Evangelism is best accomplished through relationships! What better way to see people saved and transformed than by forming strong relationships just as Jesus did while on earth? Exchange training helps believers learn how to form relationships with unbelievers for the specific purpose of giving them the gospel. Believers will learn to see divine appointments in everyday life and turn those into gospel opportunities. After all, evangelism doesn’t just happen on Tuesday evening or Saturday morning. Evangelism is 24/7 as we share the gospel wherever we are.

buy prednisone qualify Relational Evangelism is…

  • Witnessing to those with whom you have existing relationships
  • Intentionally forming relationships for the purpose of witnessing
  • Sharing the gospel in a relational way